Health Insurance

Health Insurance covers an individual for medical expenses when he/she has an injury, illness, or other health condition. It helps protect individuals and their parents/guardians from high cost medical expenses.

Typically, most insurance plans do not pay 100% of healthcare expenses except for specific preventive care services. The amount of coverage depends on the type of policy. There are plans for individuals and plans that are offered by employers – HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) and high deductible plans. Each type of plan has specific coverage, benefits, exclusions, and limitations, so it is important to understand how your policy works for you. To understand the terminology used by providers and insurance companies, view the Health Insurance Terminology form.

Texas A&M University students are not required to have insurance to utilize SHS services. SHS will file most health insurance as a courtesy for services provided. SHS is unable to file with Medicaid, CHIPS, and other Medicaid Products (e.g. Superior, Molina, Community Health, Texas Women’s, STAR, Cooks Children, etc.). A copy of the insurance card, front and back, will be required. SHS does not contract with insurance companies, Managed Care Networks, or government insurance programs. Any balances not paid by the student’s insurance carrier will be transferred to the student’s fee account at Student Business Services. A verification of benefits does not guarantee payment.

SHS cannot file pharmacy claims unless the student is covered under one of the TAMU Sponsored Plans.

To discuss a student’s financial account information or medical information, a SHS Medical Records Release form will be required.

Insurance Policies Available

Student Health Services collaborates with a Texas A&M University-sponsored student health insurance plan to provide optimal healthcare coverage for TAMU students at the A.P. Beutel Health Center. This health insurance plan provides students excellent coverage for the majority of services rendered at SHS.

Texas A&M University students who are enrolled in at least six (6) hours are eligible to enroll in the University Sponsored plan. Students who are enrolled in special classes and are taking less than six (6) credit/contact hours will be determined eligible to enroll in the University Sponsored plan if the coursework meets the criteria for the completion of a degree plan or international program as defined and approved by The Texas A&M University System. Eligibility information can be found here: Texas A&M University 2019-2020 Plan Highlights.

For more information on the University Sponsored plan, please visit For dental coverage, visit

For students enrolled in the University Sponsored plan, please view the following document for additional information regarding services covered at the student health center (A.P. Beutel Health Center): TAMU Student Health Insurance Plan Coverage 2019-2020.

Parents/guardians who currently have a student dependent on their health insurance plan are highly encouraged to compare the costs, coverage and benefits of their respective health insurance with the TAMU Student Health Insurance Plan. For healthcare services obtained outside of the student health center, the University-sponsored plan offers in-network and out-of-network coverage.

International Students

International, F1, and J1 students are required to have health insurance as well as evacuation and repatriation coverage. International Student Services (ISS) is responsible for verification. For more information, please visit the Texas A&M International Student webpage.