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Filing Your SHS Visit with Insurance
SHS will file health insurance as a courtesy for services provided to students.  Here is some information that you need to know:

• SHS does not contract with insurance companies, Managed Care Networks, or government insurance programs.
• SHS will file medical claims as a courtesy and all balances not paid by your insurance carrier will be transferred to the patient’s fee account at Student Business Services
• Verification of benefits does not guarantee payment.
• SHS cannot file pharmacy claims except for those students covered under one of the TAMU Sponsored Plans.
• SHS will only be able to discuss a student’s financial account information or medical information when a student signs a SHS Health Records Release (PDF Reader) to do so.  A new release is required for each occurrence.
• A copy (front and back) of the insurance card is required.

View the Health Insurance Information Form for Dependents (PDF Reader)

Subscribers/Parents – please forward the completed form (above) and copy of your insurance card to:

Students – please visit Patient Services in room 157 (adjacent to the registration desk) so that we may set up your information and obtain your assignment of benefits.

Insurance Policies Available
The University endorses a University Sponsored plan for undergraduate, graduate, and international students.  This policy is available to all TAMU students enrolled for at least 6 credit hours or 1 credit hour where the university considers the student full time. You may want to review these polices and compare your current coverage when considering health insurance. This policy may be useful when:

  • The student reaches the age of attainment on a parent's policy, meaning they are no longer covered; or 
  • The student gets married; or 
  • The student becomes legally independent; or 
  • The student is studying abroad. 

For more information visit the Texas A&M Student Insurance webpage.  You can contact Academic Health Plans at 877-624-7911.

International Students
International students are required to have health insurance as well as evacuation and repatriation coverage.  International Student Services (ISS) is responsible for verification.  For more information please visit the Texas A&M International Student webpage.

*Visit for more information on health insurance regarding college-aged students.

Health insurance for students. For more information, go to