SHS Podcasts

Dr. Garry Gore, SHS Physician, discusses customer service, its role at Student Health Services, and what students should expect while visiting the clinic.

Transcript available here: Customer Service Podcast Transcript

Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Meghan Windham, and Dr. Gayle Ponder discuss eating disorders and their prevalence on a college campus. They provide information regarding signs/symptoms of eating disorders and how to help others who may have an eating disorder.

Transcript available here: Eating Disorders Podcast Transcript

Dr. Dena George and Dr. Bo Xuan discuss mindfulness and meditation and the importance of practicing these for the college student. Dr. Xuan leads listeners in a brief exercise to help aid in relaxation.

Transcript available here: Mindfulness and Meditation Podcast Transcript

Dr. Reagan Larsen and Dr. Tiffany Skaggs discuss antibiotics, their benefits and their use. Furthermore, antibiotic resistance and its dangers are also identified.

Transcript available here: Antibiotics Podcast Transcript

Dr. Dena George and Dr. Garry Gore discuss insomnia among the college population, including ways for students to get a better night’s sleep and some factors that contribute to disrupted sleep.

Transcript available here: Insomnia Podcast Transcript

Dr. Garry Gore and Kim Patton, FNP-BC talk about Upper Respiratory Infections (URI’s) and the signs/symptoms of these infections. Furthermore, they talk about specific types of medicine that can be used to treat URI’s.

Transcript available here: URI Podcast Transcript

Dr. Tiffany Skaggs, and Megan Cullers, FNP-BC talk about the influenza virus, including ways to prevent it as well as treat it. Also, they discuss the annual Flu Shot Campaign sponsored by Student Health Services.

Transcript available here: Influenza Podcast Transcript

Dr. Hector Chapa and Pamela Golub, WHNP-BC, staff clinicians at Student Health Services, talk about common sexually transmitted infections among college aged students and give advice to students on how to protect themselves.

Transcript available here: Sexually Transmitted Infections Transcript

Dr. Dena George and Dr. Tiffany Skaggs, Staff Physicians at Student Health Services – Texas A&M University, welcome students to Texas A&M University and share information regarding Student Health Services.

Transcript available here: Welcome to SHS Transcript