Frequently Asked Questions

SHS can file medical claims for charges incurred at SHS.  SHS will file on all health plans but is not contracted or part of any health plan network.  All charges not paid by a student’s health insurance will be transferred to their student account.

TAMU utilizes Academic Health Plans to oversee their student health insurance plan.  For more information on the TAMU plans offered, please visit or contact their office at (877) 624-7911. For specific plan or benefit questions, please email

For additional information regarding TAMU Health Insurance, please visit the SHS Health Insurance webpage.

For a complete list of required immunizations, please visit the SHS Immunizations webpage.

SHS can treat students for short-term, acute illnesses and injuries with its staff physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Appropriate referrals are made as necessary.

Dial-A-Nurse is available 24 hours a day to advise students with non-emergency health concerns. Students can call during the day, when SHS is closed (5pm-8am on weekdays), and on the weekend. Dial-A-Nurse can be reached at (979) 458-8379. For emergencies, dial 911 and an ambulance will transport you to the nearest hospital.

For a list of community providers to access after-hours, please visit the Community Clinic List.

If there is a medical emergency with a student, parents are usually notified by the TAMU Critical Incidence Response Team (CIRT) team.  Please visit the CIRT Critical Incidence Response Team website for more information.

The Preventive Medicine department can administer allergy injections. Allergy injections must be ordered from an outside physician and then transferred to SHS. Students can simplify the process if they have their physician complete the Prescription Allergy Injection Form and bring it with them when they come for their Allergy Consultation. Visit our Preventive Medicine webpage for more information about allergies and immunizations.

Yes, SHS has an on-site pharmacy and accepts prescriptions from outside medical providers, licensed in the United States in accordance with state and federal law.  If a student has questions about his/her prescriptions, please contact the pharmacy at (979) 458-8292, or visit the SHS Pharmacy webpage.

The preferred method is to have charges transferred to the student account and pay via the Howdy Portal. If a student has questions on using a Health Savings Account (HSA), please contact Patient Services at (979) 458-8310.
Patient Services is available to assist students and parents with questions about charge inquiries.  As a reminder, a student’s medical information, including billing, is confidential and a release may be necessary for SHS to discuss specific information.

Students can receive a copy of their medical records by completing the Medical Records Release form. Please note that a processing fee may apply.

Student Health Services physicians do not diagnose or initiate medical treatment for ADD/ADHD and they do not provide ongoing medication refills for students already on medication.

Medication refills and diagnostic testing are not considered emergencies, so the student should address any concerns early in his/her college career at Texas A&M. Complete diagnostic testing and initiation of medication if indicated may take 4-6 weeks or longer. Testing for ADD/ADHD is usually done by a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or other specially trained healthcare professional. The diagnosis of ADD/ADHD may be made only after a comprehensive medical examination, classroom evaluations and/or psychometric testing. Most individuals with ADD/ADHD are diagnosed at a young age due to the impact it has on their early education.

The SHS Patient Services and Case Management departments can assist students with information regarding community medical resources that provide ongoing care and medication refills for ADD/ADHD. Please contact Patient Services at 979-458-8310 or Case Management at (979) 458-8368/(979) 458-8339.

If the student believes that his/her condition qualifies as a disability requiring accommodation, please contact TAMU Disability Services at 979.845.1637 or visit their website at

The university views class attendance as an individual student responsibility. Students who are requesting an excused absence are expected to uphold the Aggie Honor Code and Student Conduct Code (See Rule 24).

SHS medical providers follow Texas A&M University Student Rule 7, “Attendance”, regarding medically indicated absences from class.

Students may receive a confirmation of their visit after an appointment with one of the SHS providers. Granting an excused absence falls within the purview of, and at the sole discretion of, the faculty.