Transforming society by optimizing movement – #choosePT

Written by Emily Chapman, PT student worker
Reviewed by Kyle Greeley, PT and Renae Blume, PT

If you step into the A.P. Beutel Health Center, walk down the stairs and around the corner, you’ll find the physical therapy clinic – a place where patients not only receive preventative and rehabilitative services, but feel comfortable and confident achieving the goals set for them by our two licensed physical therapists. Physical therapy is a service offered to patients suffering from various conditions or injuries of the joints, muscles, and bones. Upon receiving a referral from a doctor, physical therapists evaluate the patient and formulate a treatment plan, often encompassing mobility, strength, and function restoration, pain reduction, and disability prevention. Improving quality of life, preventing future subsequent injury, and promoting long-term health and physical function are few of the many purposes of physical therapy.

The physical therapy clinic offers modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, paraffin wax, and cervical/lumbar traction. It is furnished with equipment such as stationary bikes, a Total Gym, and free weights, as well as BOSU balls and other equipment to improve balance & proprioception. Resistance bands, foam rollers, and exercise putty are also available for patients to use.

While the physical therapists treat various sports-related injuries, such as ACL tears and shoulder separations, they also treat injuries that can be prevented with simple modifications to daily activities. Conditions such as lower back pain and cervical pain in students can result from sitting at a desk for hours at a time. Students are encouraged to take frequent study breaks by simply walking around or stretching. Additionally, the physical therapists often provide take-home exercises and stretches for patients to help facilitate the healing process.

Another unique feature of the Student Health Services physical therapy clinic is the volunteer program. Undergraduate students wanting to pursue a career in physical therapy are required by professional schools to obtain a minimum number of observation hours before applying. Luckily for Texas A&M pre-physical therapy students, Student Health Services serves as a convenient resource to those who wish to observe licensed physical therapists in an outpatient clinical setting. Volunteers can choose to assist the student workers and physical therapists in cleaning examination tables, folding towels, and changing pillow cases as well as helping put together heat and ice packs. However, their primary role is to maximize their time in the clinic by asking questions, inquiring about the operation and maintenance of an outpatient clinic, and gaining a better understanding of the field in general. Volunteers also gain interpersonal skills and learn about professionalism in the workplace as they speak to physical therapists and patients and work alongside other students. The Student Health Services Physical Therapy Clinic serves as a stepping stone for young professionals in the pursuit of their goals and aspirations to become physical therapists.

Student Health Services Physical Therapy also seeks to serve the community by participating in health fairs on the Quad for Corps of Cadets students and promoting their services through various “Aggie Health Hut” outreach events on campus throughout the school year. There are also multiple speaking engagements with various organizations both on and off campus.

To learn more about SHS Physical Therapy services, please visit or call (979) 458-8383.